Talk to your smart home in a way that’s fast and fun. The Fibaro Swipe Gesture Controller lets you command all of your Z-Wave devices with just the flick of your wrist. Swipe right to turn off your kitchen lights. Draw a clockwise circle to adjust your living room blinds.

Fibaro Swipe Z-Wave Plus Gesture Controller FGGC-001 Hand Gestures

Create up to 6 customizable gesture sequences to trigger scenes of your own design. Powered by battery or VDC cable, the Fibaro Swipe is a flexible companion that can be stationary or mobile. It can be featured prominently on your wall or made invisible underneath your kitchen counter — it will still register your commands! Equipped with the latest in Z-Wave Plus technology and AES-128 encryption, count on the Fibaro Swipe to be an instant, reliable, and safe answer to smart home control.